Cookies & Brownies

All cookies and brownies are gluten-free, some varieties are dairy-free (no milk products) and/or vegan (no milk, no eggs). Cookies are $15 per dozen (one flavor), brownies are $18 per dozen. Please allow at least 48 hours advance for orders. Credit cards and PayPal accepted. Delivery available for an additional fee.


Chocolate Chip Cookies-the best GF cookies you'll ever taste! Made with real butter, brown cane sugar and semi-sweet chocolate chips!

Peanut Butter Cookies-once you have one, you'll want more!

Traditional recipe using real lots of creamy peanut butter and brown cane sugar. (Dairy-Free)

Ginger Spice-if a sugar cookie and a gingersnap had a baby, this is what you'd get. (Dairy-Free)

Snickerdoodle-sugar and spice and everything nice! Made with lots of real butter!

Sugar Cookies-yummy and crunchy, custom shapes and decorations available! (Dairy-Free)

Fudge Brownies-lots of cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips give this brownie its big fudgie taste! (Vegan)